Thinking about Renting a Boat or a Jet Ski?

homeimgAccording to the experts you have come to the right place. Several publications rate Hayley’s jet ski and boat rental as one of the best locations in Florida. We sit where the Banana and Indian River meet so you can choose what river you want to go have fun in.

We have the largest and most diverse selection of boats and jet skis in Brevard County along with the only boat club. Whether you want to go dolphin watching, island exploring, tubing, fishing, skiing, out to dinner, or just having some family time, we have the right boat or jet ski for you.

We are the closest location to Orlando that offer BOTH boat and jet ski rentals. Don’t worry you wont get lost. Maps are provided and we mark up all the fun spots. Go have some fun!!!

We Proudly Supply Watercraft from the Following Manufacturers:



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